Intimate/Bikini Areas


    BEST SELLER! Our ultimate “extra strength” 3-step kit used by professionals. INSTANT IMPROVEMENT! Dermatologist tested.

  • SB Skin Brightening Gel for Sensitive Areas

    Suffer from embarrassing dark or discolored intimate areas? Millions do. But you don’t have to suffer any longer. We are the original, all-natural solution trusted by thousands of professionals in 50+ countries. Get ready for bikini season with our world-famous, revolutionary SB Gel for Sensitive Areas! Our advanced formula is specially designed to help provide you with a brighter, fresher, more youthful look. Dermatologist tested.


    • Our most versatile product.
    • Anal & Vaginal Areas
    • Dark Genital Areas
    • Dark Underarms
    • Dark Nipples
    • Dark Spots
    • Age/Liver/Sun Spots
    • Acne Scars
    • Burn Marks / Scars (Discoloration)
    • All Areas of the Body incl. Face
    • All Skin Types
  • SB Skin Brightening Accelerating Wash

    Incredible instant enhancement. Step 1. Can be combined with ALL SB skin brightening products. Dermatologist tested.

  • SB Skin Brightening Roll-on for Underarms

    Embarrassing or unsightly dark underarms? Get ready for bikini season or wearing that revealing dress. “Instant Effect” instant concealing technology for immediate results! Dermatologist tested.

  • SB Bust & Butt Enhancer

    Saggy or lumpy butt? Triple action formula helps the appearance without surgery. Dermatologist tested.

    $49.95 $29.95
  • SB Before Wax Skin Prep Solution


    Don’t like the feeling of waxing? Don’t Scream! Use before waxing to clean the area for better wax adhesion and help improve your waxing/shaving/laser experience. The safe, natural alternative to benzocaine or lidocaine. Easy to use. Works quickly in just seconds!

    • Safe and easy to use liquid
    • Works quickly in just a few seconds.
    • Cleans off dirt & oil for better wax adhesion.
    • All natural. No benzocaine or lidocaine.
    • No unpleasant smell or sensation.
    • Non-flammable. No alcohol which can dry out the skin.
    • Is professional tested and trusted.


  • SB Soothing Lotion for After Wax/Shave (3-Pak)

    South Beach Skin Solutions™ Soothing Lotion is formulated for use after hair removal to help calm the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Dermatologist tested.