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Bump eRaiser Cool Splash

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Calms red, itchy and sensitive skin.

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Bump eRaiser Cool Splash is a no-sting treatment to cool hot, red, itchy and irritated skin after shaving. Specifically formulated with natural fruit acids and chamomile, it soothes shaving rash and prevents ingrown hairs from developing. Ideal to use on the face, neck and chest.

• Treats shaving rash & ingrown hairs
• Cools & soothes the skin
• Ideal for use after shaving, laser & electrolysis


External use only. Not intended for use by pregnant or breast feeding women.

Top tips for smooth skin!

1. Exfoliate daily! The removal of dead skin cells will aid the prevention of ingrown hairs as there will be less chance of the hair getting trapped under the skin.

2. Do not touch! If the hair cannot easily be lifted with a pair of clean tweezers (without breaking the skin), leave it alone!

3. Find the right product for your particular concern. Different products will give different results. If you’re a stickler for routine buy a product that will help in the prevention and elimination of ingrown hairs. If you’re someone who forgets to use a product daily, go for a treatment only product designed to be used once an ingrown appears. Go for products in packaging that suit the area being treated. Eg) if the ingrown hairs are on a small area of the body, a spot treatment is best. If it’s a large area like arms, legs, chest or back, a lotion, spray or serum is far better and more economical.

4. Other ailments! If you’re also suffering from other bumps, pustules and pimples a lot of ingrown hair treatments will often aid these concerns too. There are even some treatments out there that retard hair growth and there’s even some which ease the discomfort of waxing! Multi-purpose all-rounders, a must for any bathroom cabinet!

Shake well before use. After showering or when required, pour a few drops of Bump eRaiser Cool Splash onto palm of hands than pat onto skin.

Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Parfum.



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