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Want to offer intimate brightening services to your clients? We are the original started more than 15 years ago! Our products are dermatologist tested and trusted by thousands of professionals in 50+ countries around the world. They will be perfect for your business.

We have both take home products and in-house service packages available to satisfy all types of clients and budgets. Most resellers will offer a combination of both to meet a wide range of needs. We can help you figure out what will be best for your particular business and clientele.

Ours is the only system that is safe and gentle enough to “piggyback” right on top of a waxing, sugaring or laser service!


We welcome inquiries from doctors, salons, med spas, clinics, beauty supply stores, independent estheticians and others interested in our products. Please visit our new Reseller Site at the link below. Try to be complete and give us as much information about your business as possible. PLEASE NOTE: We are contacted by hundreds of people each week. In order for us to reply with the right information, we need to understand your business. Website and social media links are also very helpful. Once we have enough information, we will review your application and reply to you asap. Thank you.

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